2 thoughts on “Road Estimate with CD WORKS incl Minor Bridges 2012-13 sent by Er Thirupathinaidu Macha TW dept TIRUPATHI

  1. dear brother
    I have referred the road estimate of thiupathi naidu , and i have not found the correct data for the item ‘construction of embankment with material obtained from road way cuuting -RBR-EECD-3 , In this item no machinary rate is included i.e in this data there is no provision for side earth,but included sf charges earth work.
    i tyhink that the corrct data for side earth work excavation cum compaction is we have to take dozer quantity for cutting and pushing for 100 cum from RBR-EECD-5(excavation in soil with dozer) instead of dozer spreading in RBR-EECD-3
    THIS Mistake is doing all why? please clarify it

  2. RBR-EECD-3 3 Construction of Embankment with Material Obtained from Roadway Cutting
    Construction of embankment with approved materials deposited at site from roadway cutting and excavation from drain (not exceeding 0.6 m depth) and foundation of other structures graded and compacted to meet requirement of Tables 300.1 and 300.2 as per Technical Specification Clause 301.5 MORD / 305 MORTH
    Unit = cum
    Taking output = 100 cum
    a)  Labour
    Mate day –
    Mazdoor (Unskilled) day 0.520
    b) Machinery
    Dozer D-50 for spreading @ 200 cum per hour hour 0.500
    Motor grader for grading @ 200 cum per hour hour 0.500
    Water tanker 6 kl capacity hour 2.000
    Three wheel 80-100 kN Static Roller (or) hour 1.250
    Vibratory Roller 80 – 100 kN @ 100 cum per hour hour 1.000
    c) Material
    Water kl 12.000
    d&e) Overheads & Contractors Profit
    Cost for 100 cum = a+b+c+d+e (3 Wheel Roller)
    Rate per cum = (a+b+c+d+e)/100
    Cost for 100 cum = a+b+c+d+e (Vibratory Roller)
    Rate per cum = (a+b+c+d+e)/100
    Note : In case the earth cutting is done by dozer and pushed for filling in the embankment, the input of dozer in the cost of embankment shall be deleted as the same is already provided in the cost of excavation. However, if the earth is dumped by tippers from roadway cutting, the input of dozer for spreading is required to be provided.

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